Monday, 21 April 2014

Today I went to work as I thought I had to be there only to find that today was my day off...........that will teach me to double check before going in.

Now I've got home I thought I'd share a card that I made about a month ago to show at a course I was doing.  It was really to show how different stencils could be used with the Molten magic technique.  The stencil that I used was Dreamweaver Stencil LL543, with Gold embossing paste and various Metallic FX powders.

The technique of Molten Magic really gives some dimension and texture to the surface of the paste, card  and is another favourite of fact when I think about stencils and techniques they are all my favourites.       



Saturday, 19 April 2014

The card below is one that I have prepared for a Course I will be doing at Lowton High school in May. 

It is really quite a basic one using the technique of paper piecing, stamping and embossing.  I love the paper piecing technique as it can help to give texture and dimension to a card.  It didn't take too long to do.  I used the Woodware Stamp set - Oriental Ladies FRCL070, Stampendous Detail gold Powder, the background papers were printed from the Crafters Companion CD -  Mulberrywood Christmas  (even though it is a Christmas CD the paper seemed to be right for an oriental feel.
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Just spent the last 3 days on a Cricut Retreat with Melanie Heaton at Mitton Fold Hotel and Golf Complex, Langho.  The weather has been glorious really warm and sunny, (the wind was chilly)  i met up with some old friends - really nice to see you Rosemary, and as usual a good 3 days with my friend Mary.  If you want to see what we made go to Mel Heaton's Blog....... Paper Dreams.

The ground and countryside around the Hotel are lovely, and really have a serene and calm feeling.  I've posted below some photos of the grounds just outside the Retreat room.

The complex is really near to Pendle Hill, the home of the famous Lancashire Witches.  The scenery is lovely particularly on a bright spring day.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Here is my first creative post since I found out that have been chosen for Dreamweaver Stencils  'Dream Team'.  I don't know about you but the saying 


really has been appropriate this last week with the weather being sunshine and showers.  So needless to say this is where my inspiration came from.  The small spells of sunshine and bright colourful daffodils have shown me that spring is here and that summer isn't far away.

The card I produced is above and to re-create it you will need the following items:-
Dreamweaver Stencils
     LL428 Daffodil, LJ908 Umbrella Background, LM293 Spring and LJ905 Rain Background
Dreamweaver Embossing Paste
     Matte Black, Yellow and Translucent
Mettalic FX powders
    Navajo Sky, Moonstone and Purple Satin
Versamark Inkpad
Splendour Inkpad  Circus
Stampendous Detail Gold Embossing Powder
Pallete knife and spreader
Selection of stencil brushes
Low Tack Tape, Kitchen paper,  Heat Gun,Different Cards,papers and adhesives

and this is how I created the card

1 Place the Umbrella background on to white card and tape around all four sides using low tack tape, and using the palette knife/spreader apply the Matte Black Paste over the design. Remove the stencil, place into water and clean.  Put the paste design to one side and allow to dry.
2 Whilst waiting for the Umbrella Background to dry place the Daffodil stencil on to blue card and tape round all four sides and apply yellow paste, remove stencil, place in water, clean and allow paste to dry.
3 When the Umbrella design is dry replace the stencil over the top and using a dauber cover with Versamark (make sure that you have good coverage)of ink.  Remove the stencil and start to apply the Metallic FX powders.  I did this by using a stencil brush dipping into the powders and then tapping over the design.  Once there is a layer of the powder over the design carefully tap with a stencil brush on to the design and brush off the excess.  Brushing over the surface ensures that the whole of the design has a mica covering.
4 Take the Raindrop Background and place over the top of the Umbrella Background, tape around all four sides and apply the translucent paste, remove the stencil and clean, leave the background to dry.
5 Go back to the daffodils replace the stencil and using stencil brushes apply the colour from the Splendour ink pad.  You can apply the colour in exact areas or more gently so that the image is blurred (I went for this effect as I was thinking of the showers)


You can see the effect that I achieved in the photo above.

6 In the bottom left hand corner of the card I attached the Spring stencil and using the dauber and Versamark I applied the ink through the design, next take off the stencil and cover the image with the Detail Gold Embossing powder and  heat with a heat gun to achieve the embossed image.

7 It is then a case of putting all the bits and pieces together and there you have it 
          'March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers'.

I hope you like the card and it inspires you.



Monday, 7 April 2014

I am in the middle of completing a card for the April challenge with Dreamweaver Stencils. After a lot of thought I have picked my saying and have almost finished the card its inspired me to complete.  I'm just waiting for the clear paste to dry and then I will be able to write the instructions and post them along with a picture.

The saying I've pick certainly fits in with weather we have been having here today, the odd moment of sunshine and then those showers.  Well better see if the panel is dry and get on with it.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How exciting to get home from work and to have received an e-mail from Pam Hornshu at Dreamweaver Stencils to say that I have been successful and have been selected for the Dreamweaver Stencils Dream team.  So every month from now on I will be doing projects and giving instruction on designs that I have created.

I didn't think I would be chosen but with positive thinking I've done it, and am so pleased.

So lets see where this journey goes.