Monday, 13 July 2015

Sketch 43

This week I thought I'd head towards Christmas.  

The sketch is a simple one and could be used in numerous ways.

So here is my concept:-

What you will need:-
A5 white blank card
Bremen goody bag
Dreamweaver Alphabet dies
Piece of co-ordinations green card
Scrap Red pearl card
3mm Cranberry nail heads
Dutch Doobadoo Artistic Mask
Sanding tool
0.3 Pigma Micron pen
Colorbox Cats Eye Queue - Rain forest

This is what I did:-

1 Take A5 blank card and using the olive green from the Colourbox queue ink around the front edges of the card.

2  Take a sheet of the Bremen pale green dotted 12 x 12 paper and cut a matt 1/2'' small on all 4 sides than the card blank.  Attach this to the centre of the front of the card blank

3 With the green co-ordinations card stock cut a piece that is 1/4'' smaller on all 4 sides than the pale green dotted paper.

4 Run the Artistic Mask and green card through your die cutting machine and once embossed sand the surface of the card away. I didn't make it an even distress but went for patchy.  Once this has been distressed attach to the centre of the pale green dotted paper

5 Take one of the wider strips of the 3D Star Bremen pack  and one of the narrower strips.

6 At one end of both strips cut a V into it this will give the strip a decorative end.  Bare in mind that the middle strip is the longer one and 2 shorter narrower strips will be needed for the sides.  Go around all 3 pieces with the olive green ink pad.

7 These strips can now be attached to the card.  The wider strip is attached to the front using double sided adhesive tape and the 2 narrower outer pieces attached on each side using 3D foam, they overlap the edge by approx 1/8''

8 Use the Dreamweaver Alphabet dies and cut out your sentiment.  I chose NOEL and I cut this from a scrap of Christmas Red Pearl Card.

9 Place the word on to a piece of the wider pale green dotted paper and cut a 'V' in ech end of the piece back this on to the green coordinations leaving a border approx. 1/8'' wide.

10 The Noel panel is the attached to the card using 3D foam  and is placed over the 3 vertical strips.

11 Use the Black micron pen to freehand draw lines round the bottom pale green dotted paper and around the banner panel.

12 The final decoration was 3mm cranberry nail heads which were cut into 3 and 6 nail head pieces and these were then stuck on the verical strips on the card.

There you have it my take on Sketch 43.

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all AVAILABLE from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist. .

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Chosen by Debs - Inspired by Nature Day 2

This really is a wide open theme, it covers almost everything and this week I have once again gone for the simple, quick and easy .

So here is my 'Inspired by Nature' project.

This is what I used:-

Woodware Clear Magic stamp
Versamark Ink pad
Stampendous Detail white embossing powder
Stampendous Detail black embossing powder
White and black cardstock
Piece of green co-ordinations cardstock
Heat gun
Olive green organza ribbon
Double sided adhesive tape

This is how I made my project:-

1 Start by taking a piece of white and black cardstock slightly larger than your stamp. Use the Versamark ink pad to cover the image and stamp on to both the black and the white card.  Cover the white card with Detail black embossing powder and the black cardstock with Detail white embossing powder.

2 Heat the embossing powder with the heat gun and once heated trim both the panels down to the same size. You should have 2 identical pieces.

3 For the final piece you will need half of the white card and half of the black card. To make sure the panels were cut in exactly the same place I cut them with my trimmer at the same time.

4 Take another piece of white and black cardstock and along the edge of one of the pieces
place some double sided tape.  The tape needs to only be half way on to the card as you need to place the alternative  cardstock on to it. Matching the white and black edges together.  

5 The stamped panel is then attached to this new layer and trimmed to the size required.

6 Matt this piece on to a piece of green co-ordinations card and then white card.

7 I then placed some double sided tape down one side on the back of the panel and laid ribbon down this leaving plenty of ribbon at the front for making into a bow.

8 Lastly the panel was attached to the based card

There you have it a quick and easy card that I think is inspired by nature.

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting


Thursday, 25 June 2015

House Mouse Day 4

House mouse every stamp tells its own story, the designs are cute and the mice have names. My mouse's name is Amanda.

Here is my project for this week.

This is what I used:-

2 Sheet smooth white card stock
Black card stock
Scrap of Gold mirri card stock
Black Momento ink pad
Surfacez ink pad - Fudge
House mouse  stamp HMCM10 Potted Mouse
Alcoholic marker pens
Small piece of Cut and dry foam
Dutch Doobadoo Part art borders
Dutch Doobadoo Mask art burlap
Craftwork cards Elegance tag everyday messages 

This is how I made the card:-

Take one of the sheets of white card stock and cut this to 43/4'' x 101/4'' and score at 33/4''.

2 Take the second piece of white card stock and cut into 2 pieces (A5)

3 On one of these pieces use the black Momento ink pad and stamp the House Mouse stamp.  I used the Momento ink pad as I was using the Alcohol markers.  Colour in  your image using your preferred choice of colour.

4 Trim the stamped panel so that there is about 1/4'' border around the image.

5 Take the 2nd piece of white card stock and Burlap Mask, run this through your die cutting / embossing machine

6 The front piece of embossed card was used with the embossed side up and the back panel was coloured so that the de-bossed side was up.  This gives a slightly different texture

The right hand side is de-bossed and the left hand side is embossed

to the 2 pieces.  The colour was added using a piece of cut and dry foam and the fudge Surfacez ink pad.  To get the rough edges on these 2 panels I used a ruler marked the size I wanted them to be and ripped the edges along the ruler edge.

7 The next step was to cut all the black matts.  The size of the border I left was 1/16th''

8 The top layer on the front of the card was the stamped image and the black matt and these were attached using double sided tape. The 3rd and 4th layers were also attached with double sided tape,  the 2 pieces were then attached using 3D foam

9 All the layers on the back panel were attached using double sided tape.  The final panel to be made was the sentiment for this I cut a black card matt and a gold mirri matt these were stuck together with double sided tape and attached to the card using 3D foam.

10 The last step was to add the paper lace to the edges, I used PVA glue for this.

There you have my House Mouse card.  I really enjoyed making this card, and I hope like it too.

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist. 

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Woodware - Sketch 43

This week we have been working from a sketch and as always everyone has a different concept of the design.  I thought this week I would use some things from my stash which have sitting there for ages.  Buttons.  Below is the Sketch idea for us to work from,

and this is my idea to go with it.

Here are the things I used:-
3 different shades of lilac textured card stock
A piece of 5mm wide lilac organza ribbon
Selection of small buttons plus 3 slightly larger ones
Quickie glue pen
Purple metallic Gelly Roll pens
Dreamweaver Alphabet and number dies
Strong wet adhesive glue
3D foam pads
Stampendous Crystal fine glitter

1 To start the card start by cutting the base layer 73/4'' x 73/4'', the lilac layer 7'' x 7'' and for the top curved layer I used a pencil on the back of the sheet and drew the sort of shape I was looking for.  Go around all the layers faux stitching using the metallic purple Gelly Pen.
These pieces can be attached to each other, the lilac piece is placed towards the top left hand corner and is stuck with double sided adhesive.  The shaped piece is applied to the bottom right corner and attached using 3D foam

2 Next take all the buttons and do a mock up of the design you want to use. Once the design has been chosen start to stick the buttons in place. Around the corners and then the daisy flowers.

3 You next need to cut a circle 1 7/8'' in diameter and attach the organza ribbon to the back and start to wrap the ribbon round the circle.  Once the circle is covered I stuck the ends down with a strong PVA glue. and left this to dry.  If you have a hot glue gun the you could save a little time  using this.  Stick a larger button on the top of the wrap.

4 Next take the quickie glue pen and make a design of swirls and flourishes in dots with the pen so that all the daisies are linked together.  Allow the quickie glue pen to dry and then cover with Stampendous fine crystal glitter.  When the glitter has been applied take the metallic purple Gelly Pen and make a small dot in between the glittered dots

5 The final step is to cut the letters out using the Dreamweaver alphabet dies, you can put whatever message or sentiment you want.  I did a trail run once the letters were cut to check they looked OK and they were where I wanted them to be.

There you have it my interpretation of Sketch 43

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist.

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Mirror cracked - shadow box

Here we are again with another Mirror Crack'd blog theme this week its shadow boxes- as you will have seen from the rest of the team.  

For my project this week I have chosen to used a 3D decoupage frame and a few other items.

Home decor seems to be the 'thing' at the moment so a small wall decoration would fit in I 

So here is my shadow box and I have simply used Dreamweaver Dies for the project. 

This is what I used

Shadow box frame with an aperture about 3'' x 3''
Dreamweaver Dies Owls
Dreamweaver Die  Monstera Leaf DD002
Dreamweaver Owl stencil  LL3039 (for use when placing pieces of die cut owl together)
Small piece of sky patterned paper
3 different shades of green co-ordinations paper
$ scraps of brown patterned papers
Pale olive acrylic paint
Adhesive - wet glue

and this is how I made the project:-

1 Use the acrylic paint and paint the whole of the outside of the frame and box part.  The inside of the frame which is visible also needs painting.  Put to one side to completely dry.

2 Cut a number of the leaves in the different shades of green.  I cut 12.

3 Cut the owl out in all 4 brown patterned papers.  At this point if you use the stencil you can get an idea of where the pieces will go and which colour you want in which area of the owl.

4 Once the pieces have been glued in place take either a craft knife or scissors and cut around the outer edge of the owl as near to the pieces as possible.

5 When the frame is dry adhere the back layer of leaves to the inner frame and trim off any excess, and then stick the sky paper to the back.

6 The next layer of leaves and the owl are attached to the inner edge of the aperture of the frame.

7 The final leaves were given some dimension being shape with fingers and adhered to the outer surface of the frame.

There you have it my interpretation of a shadow box.

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like my project.



Monday, 1 June 2015

Chosen by Kim Day 1

 Kim has chosen for us the theme of Window Cards the idea for it came from Technique Time Tuesday you will find a great tutorial if you follow the link.

As always I have given my instructions on how I put my card together as I have adapted the design putting on extra layers.

So here is my card for today 

This is what I have used:-

Dutch Doobadoo Mask Art Flowers A5
Low tack tape
Colorbox Queue stack - Rainbow sherbet
Small burlap flowers
White card
Black card
5'' x 7'' card blank
Stamp Sentiment- In the frame ditties JGS324
5mm olive green organza ribbon
Dreamweaver Nesting Frames DD001
White souffle pen
White self adhesive pearl in 3 sizes
Cut and dry foam 
Clear sparkle Gelly roll pen
Adhesives - double sided tape and 3D foam pads

And this is how the card was made:-

1 Take a piece of white card and attach the Art flowers mask to this using a low tack tape
to prevent the mask from moving.

2 Take a small piece of Cut and Dry Foam and take ink from one of the pads in the Colorbox Stack.  The colours that I used were as follows:-

Large flowers - Papaya Cream
Medium flowers - Whisper Grey
Small flowers - Glacier Ice

Apply the ink to the design using small circular movements in the specific areas you want the colour to be.  Once all the colour has been applied remove mask and put the piece to one side to dry.  (I left mine over night).

3 Once completely dry use the Clear Sparkle Gelly Roll pen to colour the centres of the flowers and then trim the panel down to the size you want your piece to be.  The next step is to cut the aperture out using the largest nesting frame die, place the die in the position you want the aperture to be, attach with a small piece of low tack tape and run through your die cutting machine.  Keep the piece you have removed as this will be used for another layer of the card. 

4  At this point you need to tie the organza ribbon around the floral panel.  Cut a piece of black card for a backing matt and using 3D foam attach the floral panel to the black.  Use the medium nesting frame die to cut a piece from the aperture panel. The last  thing to be cut is a black panel cut using the smallest of the nesting frame dies.

 5 The medium  panel  cut from the floral background is attached to the black backing card using double sided tape.

6 With the small black panel the sentiment is stamped in the middle of this.  I used the Glazier Ice from the Queue stack.                                        

7 Around the edge of the black sentiment panel I took the white souffle pen and did a series of small white dots all the way round.

8 To put the rest of the card together The black sentiment was attached with 3D foam.  the whole panel was then attached to the  white backing card.

9 The burlap flowers were placed in a random curve at the base of the card using a strong glue.

10 The last step as always was to add the white self adhesive pearls to the card.  The outer edge were the largest, the middle layer were medium and the inner panel were the smallest.

There is your card done, its relatively quick to do and could be used for numerous occasions.

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist. 

Hope you like the card and your comments are always welcome.

Thanks for stopping by


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Travel Day 2

Travel - the imagination can go wild.......... it can be just down the road for some for others it is going to hot sunny climates.  Its something we do all the time.  For me travel is going to a far off destination with sunshine beaches and lots to see.  Also when we travel we love to take photos so that we have memories of the time.  the stamp set i have used is quite an old one but has so many possibilities with it.

So here is my take on Travel.

This is the secret, pull the ribbon bow and:-

The insert comes out.

This is what I used:-

Stampendous Stamp set SSC016  Tropical
Tuxedo black momento ink pad
A selection of the different Gelly Roll pens - glaze, souffle, sparkle, general
Koi colouring brushes
Black card 
White card
Silver mirri card
Acetate ( I used a thin one)
Craftwork cards - Everyday sentiments circles 
Small piece of ribbon
Adhesives - Glossy accents, double sided tape, 3D foam
Tombow mono zero eraser
Corner rounder punch
Dutch Doobadoo Camera template
Sentiment stamp
Fine mechanical pencil

and this is what I did:-

1 Take a piece of black card and draw around the outside edge and also the small square eye piece and the inner circle of the lens.  The only other lines i drew were the scoring lines at the centre of the card and the 2 side flaps

2 Cut out the camera, the small square and the lens circle, and score the centre line and the tabs on each side.

3 Next draw round the insert panel, cut out and corn the corners with a punch.  

4 Cut the white panel for your insert using the internal lines of you template and punch the corners with corner rounder.

5 Stick the white panel to the black panel we're ready for stamping our design

6 To finish the camera take a piece of silver mirri card and on the back of this draw around the top panel of the camera and the eye piece of the camera.  Cut a 1/8th inch frame around this and cut both these elements out.  The Eye piece frame isn't included on the template but i thought it just added something..  with a compass cutter cut a frame to go around the lens the outer edge is 3'' and the inner edge is 21/2'' .  stick all these piece to the outside of your card.

7 Decide on your design, I took the template and drew round the lens lightly with a pencil and then started to work out my design on a scrap of card.. If it worked out I would have a second image to used if not then I could throw it away!!! ....?


8 Once I had my design sorted I the took the insert and and lightly drew the lens on to the card where would be  wanting my design to be and copied the design from the sample on to the insert.  I used the Momento ink pad to stamp my images.  There are so many small stamps on this set I could have gone on and on adding.

9 When you have stamped your design make sure that the design is dry and then you can have fun colouring in whatever way you want.....  I used one or two different mediums to colour my design this is how I coloured it:-

The palm tree :- glaze and sparkle Gelly Roll pens
Boats :- souffle and metallic Gelly roll pens
Sea :- Sparkle, glaze Gelly Roll pens, Koi colouring brush markers and alcohol pens
Hillside :- Glaze Gelly Roll pens
Flowers :- sparkle, metallic and glaze Gelly Roll pens.

10 Once the design is coloured in, stamp your required sentiment to the left hand side of the insert.  To pull the insert from the card tie a bow and glue this to the insert with glossy accents.

11 To make the camera wallet take 2 pieces of acetate and cover the eye piece and the lens, attach these piece carefully with glossy accents.  Remember to let this stage dry.

12 To finish the front of the card stick the frame around the eye piece and the lens frame and other silver mirri piece to the card.

13 Where the camera button is I simply drew a thin rectangle with the white souffle pen and coloured this in.

14 The last step is to put double sided tape on to the side panels and stick this to the back of the card. The empty card will look like this.

Your camera card is complete.

This template could be used for all sorts of occasions...... announcements, invites and numerous others.  

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist.

I hope you like the card, thanks for stopping by


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Boys and their Toys Day 3

What a wide range of topics can be covered by this title - Sports, Gardening, Hobbies, and just relaxing.   All can relate back to Boys and their Toys.

This is my interpretation of the subject:-

This is what I have used:-
Dreamweaver Stencil - LG755 Sailboat
White card
Black card
Low Tack Tape
Pigma black micron pen 0.05
White and black glaze gelly roll pens
Metallic green and bronze gelly roll pens
Pale blue pen
Black base card

This is what I did:-

1 Take a piece of white card and attach the stencil to it with Low Tack Tape and using the black micron pen draw the design through the stencil.

2 Complete all the stentangle designs on the sails and the hull of the sailboat, any areas of the sea colour with black.

3 Take the green metallic pen and colour the land / shore line and then take the bronze metallic pen and colour the hull of the boat lightly.

4 Trim this panel down to the required size, do faux stitching around the edge of the piece using the black glaze pen.

5 Cut a black matt and stick the front panel on to it.  Once attached do faux stitching around the edge of the black matt with the white glaze pen.  (You may find that the white pen doesn't appear very white at first but as it drys the white becomes more apparent.)

6 Cut a white matt and layer all pieces on to the black base card.

7 Take the blue pen/marker and randomly follow the lines and areas of black in the sea.  this will give a slight hint of the sea.

There you have it a quite an expensive toy which does take a little bit longer with the stentangle patterns.  I'm sure this could be suitable for birthdays, Fathers day and for male relatives and friends.

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist.

Hope you like the card.  Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sketch 42 Day 4

Sketches come in all different shape and sizes, and don't have to done strictly to the design they can be turned upright, sideways, upside down in fact any way you want.  So with this sketch the world is your oyster.  For my design I turned the sketch 90 degrees to the left and changed the size dimensions of the design. I also thought I would used different patterned papers so that the colours blended together.

So here are the products I used:-

Dreamweaver stencil LL375 Rose.

Silver embossing paste
Palette knife / spreader
Low tack tape
Stampendous stamp set SSC1122
2 sheets of Craftwork cards 8 x 8 paper pad Butterfly Parade
Quickie glue pen
Glossy accents
Silver mirri card
Black card
Turquoise patterned card
8 x 8 white card blank
Craftwork cards - In circles everyday messages
Black Momento ink pad 
Stampendous ultra fine crystal glitter

and the steps to make the card:-

1 Take the Butterfly Parade piece of paper with the overall roses and butterflies pattern and trim to 71/2'' x 71/2''.  Cut a piece of black card 73/4'' x 73/4'' and matt and layer these 2 pieces together.

2 Next take the Rose and Butterfly single design sheet and trim this down to 41/4'' x 53/8'' so that only the design is used as a panel and go around the edge of this with black ink - either a pen, alcohol pen or ink pad will do for this.  This piece is then matted on to a piece of turquoise patterned card and then black card.  All these layers are attached flat.  I used double sided tape.

3 Continuing with this panel the next step is to cover the 3 butterflies with glossy accents and allow this to dry completely. Once dry take the quickie glue pen and add highlights to the rose and buds.  (I went around the edges of some of the petals just to give sparkle) when the glue has gone clear take the ultra fine crystal glitter and cover the sticky glue, remove the excess and return to the pot.  Place this panel to the side.

3 Cut 2 strips from the leftover pieces of the large rose and butterflies measuring 13/4'' x 41/8'' and also cut 2 pieces of black card 17/8'' x 41/4''.

4 Use the Black Momento ink pad and stamp the flourish border stamp.  Stamp the 2 small pieces of the paper making sure that the straight edge of the stamp goes right along one of the edges of the paper.  REMEMBER to stamp the design on opposite sides of the paper so that on the finished card the edge of the border runs along the edge of the card.  These 2 pieces are then matted on to the black card but only 2 edges of these panels have a black border . These panels can now be attached to the background.

5 The Rose and Butterfly panel is now attached to the background approximately 1/2'' from the right hand side and 1'' from the top.  This is also attached flat to the card.

6 Next cut a piece of black card and piece of silver mirri card slightly bigger than the black. The black card has the Rose stencil and the silver embossing technique completed on to it.  

7 The paste  embossing technique is completed by using low tack tape around all 4 sides of the stencil attaching it to the card, Using the palette knife or spreader, apply the silver embossing paste, any excess return to the pot and seal the pot.  Remove the stencil  and place in water ready for cleaning.  The stencil image should now be put to one side and allowed to dry totally.

8 Once the paste is completely dry attach to the silver mirri matt and attach to the card using 3 D foam or silicone glue.

9 The final embellishments to be added to the card are 2 self adhesive gems on the right top and bottom corners of the Rose and butterfly panel and a ribbon tied around the top of the card.

The card is now finished it takes a little longer than some to make as your waiting for different parts to dry, but I think its worth it.  I hope you like the card.

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above projects they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist

Thanks for stopping by.