Sunday, 27 July 2014

First installment of holiday 2014

I have decided to share one or two of my holiday photos, after having almost 3 weeks in the USA.  I have friends over there and I love going to visit.... which isn't as often as I would like.
My holiday started of in the Blue Grass state of Kentucky........ my friends live in Louisville.  The first couple of days were spent shopping, yes you guessed craft shopping but then we took off for the Lake.  The weather was beautiful, hot and sunny, the first couple of photos were take at Rough River Lake, this is where my friends family have a home.

The scenery is lovely and so relaxing.

Carol and Bob ( my friends ) have a home on a nearby lake ..........Lake Nolin, which is equally scenic.

From the Lake we started a long drive down to Destin in Florida, what should have been a comfortable 9 hour drive turned into a 12 and a half hour journey. We landed in Destin and were joined by another couple of friends Kitty and Corky.  It felt like old times as whenever I have gone to stay we all seem to get together and have a good time. 

This was the view on Destin Beach at about 8.30pm on the first evening.  Stunning!
I had seen photos of Destin and been told how white the sand was and how green the water was but when you see it for real - its breathtaking.  No wonder the area is called the Emerald coast.  

I'm going to stop now and continue later, as I have numerous photos I want to share

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