Thursday, 11 December 2014

Quick and cute week 2

In a flurry of a hurry? This month the Dream Team are all about the Quick and Cute...whether that be cards, gifts, wrapping, or tags...we have sleigh-loads of ideas! Play along by posting your creations using the Inlinkz tool on theDream It Up! blog, for a chance to win the stencil of your choice, and a possible bonus stencil for usingDreamweaver products in your Quick and Cute project! Here's what fun I've been up to this week:

I know that this month its Quick and Cute, but I've just done the Quick part this week, the reason being I wanted to show that a whole stencil design does not have to be used, only part of it.  To do this you need to mask the part of the design you don't want leaving only the areas that you do. I used low tack tape for my masking on this card as the area I didn't want was quite an involved shape.

Here's what fun I've been up to this week:

This is what you will need to complete the card:-
Dreamweaver stencils LL305 Thinking of you
Dreamweaver Stencil LX7022 Vintage Decor
Small stencil brush
Low tack tape
Gold Embossing Paste
Colorbox Farmhouse Ink pad
Black and white card stock
Piece of narrow ribbom
1/16 inch hole punch
Pallette knife/spreader
Heat Gun (not a big necessity)
Cleaning things for stencils

and this is what I did:-

1 Decide which you part of stencil you DONT want to use and mask this area off.

2 Place the stencil to the right hand side of a piece of white card, (the tape that is masking off the area will hold the stencil in place whilst the colour is being added).  Using a small stencil brush stipple the colour on to the design, and as always remember you can add colour but you can't take it away.  I used the green of the Farmhouse ink pad.  Once this side is complete take the stencil to the left hand side and repeat the process.  You can match the design so they look like they are a whole design

3 At this stage there are a couple of options for getting this ink dry, you can put the design to the side and allow it to dry or you can use a heat gun and give the design a quick blast of heat.

4 Take the Thinking of You stencil and place in the centre of the design an exact position can be achieved but using the stippled design as a guide.  Take low tack tape and attach the stencil to the main design and tape around all 4 sides. This will not only hold the stencil when applying the paste but also prevent the main design being contaminated with the paste. Use the palette knife/spreader to apply the paste to the panel.  Remove the stencil and clean.  Leave the paste design to dry.

5 Once the paste is completely dry take a 1/16th inch hole punch and punch 2 holes in the top so that the ribbon can be tied in a bow at the top.

6 The final stage as always is to matt and layer the card together.

Thats it card completed, hope you like it.

I'd love to receive a comment from you before you head on to the rest of the "B" team:

If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to purchase any of the products for the above project they are all available from The Stampman or your local Woodware Stockist

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  1. Great idea to utilize just part of one of the designs...I can see that this would be very "quick"! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. So clever Gil...!!! Great way to extend our stencils!

  3. Very pretty card Gill....stencils are such fun!!!

  4. Great tutorial and technique, Gill. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Like the idea of flipping over the stencil and masking parts of it to create a completely different design - very clever idea.

  6. Very clever way to use the stencil.