Saturday, 19 March 2016

Wearable Art or Jewellery

Jewellery everyone as some and its personal.  When  you craft and make jewellery then the items can be made to match a specific outfit,colour or for a special occasion.  I don't tend to do much jewellery making and what I do, do tend to usually be bead based.  With the challenge this week using other craft items I started thinking of techniques and product I could used.  My first thought was to make some paper beads and then I thought of shrink plastic.  For any one who has never heard of Shrink Plastic, it is a thin sheet of plastic that has been stretched and stretched toits limit but when it is heated it shrinks back its original thickness of about 3mm.  So my project this week is jewellery comprising  of a pair of earrings and a bracelet.  A necklace could easily added to the set.

So here is my wearable art.jewellery project

This is what I used :-

Clear magic daisy layers
Black Stazon Ink Pad
Acrylic block
Coloured pencils
Sanding block for shrink plastic
Earring findings
Jump rings
T Bar bracelet fastening
Small piece of chain
Thick lilac wire
Wire gizmo
Jewellery pliers

This is what I did:-

1  Take one sheet of translucent shrink plastic and use the shrink plastic sanding block anf sand the sheet left to right and then top to bottom.  This will give a key for the ink pad and coloured  pencils to  hold on to.

2  Take the sanded sheet and use the largest of the stamp flower and stamp this 5 times (of course you could add more.  1 sheet made enough flowers for the earrings and bracelet.

3   Give the stamped image time to dry and then using some very sharp scissors to cut the flowers out.

4  Choose the colours of pencils you want the finished flowers to be.  Remember that a pale colour when heated will become quite intense in colour.  The flowers should all be coloured at this point.

5  Take the hole punch and choose a petal on the flowers and punch the hole in the petal..the earrings have just one hole punched whilst the bracelet  flowers have two petals punched with  holes, there should be at least one petal  between the petals with holes.  To ensure balance make sure the same holes are in the same petals.

6  The next step is to shrink the flowers. For this it is helpful to have some tool that will hold the flower in place when heating the flower to prevent  the piece blowing around you table.  As you heat the plastic it will start to twist and curl.........don't give up once it has started to shrink simply flip the piece over and continue to heat until it stops shrinking then whilst still warm flatten it with either a clear acrylic block or stamp pad lid.  Put the flowers to one side and allow them to cool.

7  The wire coil is next and using the thicker gizmo rod  and leaving about 1cm before wrapping the thicker lilac wire round the gizmo rod.  To make sure there was  the same size of coiled lilac wire.  I made the coils 6 wraps round the rod and before cutting the excess away I made sure that I left 1cm of wire over at the end.   

8  Using round nosed  pliers form a loop at each end of the coil.  All the pieces were connected by jump rings,  this  also was the case for attaching the chain and earrings.

Of course as is always the case the design could be adapted to include making a necklace .

So there you have it the bracelet and earrings, hope you find this interesting .

Bye for now, thanks for stopping by. You can get more inspiration from the rest of the team by visiting the Woodware blog



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