Saturday, 14 May 2016

Apertures and Punches Day 6

Hi!  Well here we are another week on and this week we have been looking at Apertures and punches. It really is an open book for ideas, there are so many different designs and styles of punches, and really the were the fore runners to dies that everyone uses today.

My card this week my card uses 4 punches, one is a border punch which again can be used in different way for different effects, one is a punch that  embosses as well as cutting and the rest  are regular punches.

So here is my card

This is what I used

6 x 6 black card
3 co-ordinating patterned papers and one different (for the leaves )
Small gold adhesive gems
The following punches.......regular cherry flower punch, Fairy Niobe petals, floral punch art   fern leaves and cross star lever border punch
Adhesives - wet PVA glue
Compass cutter.

This the the way I made the card

1 Take the base card and fold in half open up and using the compose cutter I cut a 7.5cm circle just off centre so that the border can be placed down the folded edge.  Keep the circle cut from the card as this is used  later on.

2 Using one of the co-ordinating papers  cut a panel to fit the inside of the card leave a 5mm border all around the side, attach the panel to the card.

3  Use the same paper and cut a strip of the same paper and cut a piece about 4cm wide and use the border punch and punch down both sides this will give the folded edge a decoration

4  The next step is to punch the remaining pieces, so using the 2 remaining  co-ordinating papers punch 2 of the Fairy niobe in one of them and 9 of the regular cherry blossom, and finally 3 of the fern punch in the different paper. 

5  The 2 fairy niobe petals I curled each of the petals around a pencil one with the patterned side up and the other patterned side down.  This gives the movement in the flower.  When this has been done stick the 2 petals together and place the finished flower in the centre of the circle  (cut from the front of the card ).  This can be now attached to the base card, match the circle to the aperture.

6  Place a number of small gold gems in the centre of the fairy niobe flower.

7  For the small flowers to give them shape  I nipped the end of each petal and the embossed the centre of the flower, the flowers take on the shape you have given to them.

8  Finally  I spaced the ferns and flowers out around the edge of the aperture and added the small gold gems.

There you have your card.  I think this is quite pretty.  Thanks for stopping by, for more inspiration you can visit the  Woodware blog

Bye for now .


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