Thursday, 26 June 2014

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue week 4

Well where has June gone.  I am now on my holidays visiting old family friends in the USA, but I had thought my June project through and was prepared.

Something New had me pondering what could it mean..............New Home, New Car, New Job and then it came to me New baby.  There doesn't ever seem to be a card for Twins when you want one, but if you make your own then its a bonus, not only appropriate but made with love and care.

Dreamweaver Stencils do a lovely alphabet set of letters and combining these with an elephant stencil my idea was complete.

So this is what you will need:-

Dreamweaver Stencils LST, LSW, LSI, LSN, LSS, LL383 Elephant border, Blue Glossy paste, Versafine ink pad :- Deep Lagoon, stencil brushes,Low tack tape, patterned paper(baby or children), black, white and cream card, palette knife cleaning things for stencils

and this is what to do:-

Use small pieces of white card and tape the letters T, W, I, N, S to each piece and use low tack tape around all 4 sides.  Apply the glossy blue embossing paste and  remove stencils and wash,  allow the letters you have pasted to dry.  Next make the elephant panel.  Attach the Elephant stencil to the card along one side only and also cover up the section of the stencil you dont want to colour I used a post it note. Use what ever colour you want I used the turquoise blue colour and applied 3 layers so that the colour was more intense.

Once all the bits had been done I trimmed and matted and layered them and constructed my card.

Thats it card completed.  Again its a quick and easy card to do and I think would look just as good with BABY on it or even a name.

Hope you like the card

Thanks for looking

Gill Wilson  


  1. Love your idea for the "twins" card! You're right...there is never a card available for that on store shelves, so what a great thought to make your own. Love the two elephants too!

  2. Adorable Gil! Very creative!