Thursday, 12 June 2014

Dreamweaver Theme Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

.Well here we are in June and the Dreamweaver theme this month is the well known saying........Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.   First thought weddings, second thought............ break it down into individual pieces.   

So the first topic 'Something Old' this was relatively easy, vintage  - cogs and old stuff, so on checking out the Dreamweaver Stencils I found the Cog stencil, and on looking through my stash of embellishments I found a wooden Penny Farthing Bicycle ideal I thought, my card is sorted

I had decided on the format of my card and the rest was plain sailing.

This is what you will need

Dreamweaver Stencil LJ911, White Matte paste, stencil brushes the larger size are better for this card Die, Cutting embossing machine (mines a Big shot), Dreamweaver Rubber Embossing mat, Ink pads for doing the Strie technique (I used one of the Colorbox Queues that has 3 greens, a tan and a couple of browns), a wooden Penny farthing embellishment, Stampendous Aged Silver embossing powder, a black copic pen for going round the edge of each of my matts on the card (it saved having to cut black card matts.) Dreamweaver Metallic FX powders in Kiwi, Just Peachy, Amber glow and Goldfinch, cream card and low tack sticky tape.
Dish, water and soft nail brush for cleaning the stencil, kitchen paper and adhesives for putting the card together.

and this is how to create it:-

Take a piece of cream card slightly larger than the stencil and attach with a small amount of low tack sticky tape, put the stencil, card, and embossing mat through you die cutting/ embossing machine.  Once the card is embossed the stencil can be removed and the panel of cream card trimmed so that there is about 1/8'' around the outside of the design.  You can then start the Strie technique.  Load one of the stencil brushes with the palest colour and gently stroke this across the embossed design.  When I am doing this technique I go from left to right, and then turn my card 90 degrees and repeat until I have done all 4 sides.  Keep applying the ink to both the stencil brush and the card until the colour you want is achieved, I actually used 4 colours they were :- Yellow ochre, Bisque, Amber clay and Olive pastel.  As I have said previously the amount of colour is personal choice, and once the colour is there its there.  Once you have your colour put the panel to one side to dry and do the panel which has the Penny Farthing on, I used the same technique to apply this colour - it means the colours match and kind of blend together.
The final panel with the cogs was another piece of cream card  which I attached the Stencil to and this time I also taped across the stencil so that when I applied the paste I would only have the small panel of the paste design.  I removed the stencil put it into water ready for cleaning and then started to apply the Metallic FX powders over the top of the paste by dipping a dry stencil brush into the powder and tapping this over the design, once the colour is there  you simply have to heat it with a heat gun and the Molten Magic technique is done.  The edges of the 3 panels were edged with the black copic pen.  To get the metallic effect on the Penny Farthing I simply applied versamark ink to the embellishment and covered with the embossing powder and heated with the heat gun, the card just needs putting together and there it is a masculine card suitable for most occasions. 

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  1. Love all of the metal. Amazing card.