Saturday, 6 February 2016

Just one layer Day 6

Just one layer - no extras -matts or layers.  Matts and layers add dimension to cards, so put the design straight on to the card means the design has to be the dimension as well.

This week for the one layer card I have stamped an image and sentiment and then through the use of lead pencils the dimension has been developed.

Here is my card

This is what you need

Clear magic Stamp JGS444
Lead pencils B9, B4 and B2.  I used these 3 pencils from the 12 Graphic Bruynzeel Design pencils.
Kneadable eraser
Tombow Mono Eraser
Paper Stumps
Black Micron pen
Versafine Black ink pad

1  Take the white base card stamp the floral stamp using the Black Versafine ink pad I stamped towards the top of the was gone round card,  I then stamped the sentiment on to the base card

2 The inner line of the frame is decorated by using the Black Micron pen and doing a wiggly line  around the stamped line.

3  The colouring of the stamped image is done simply using the 3 pencils the kneadable rubber and the Mono Eraser.  One areas are coloured the kneadable eraser can be dabbed and tapped to remove the graphite.  So as much can removed as is required.  The paper stumps can be used to blend the different  depths of colour, and the graphite is blended and removed by the paper stump can be used for very light colouring.  On my card the base colour of the buds is only the pencil on the paper stump.

That is it once all the colour has been applied the card is done.  I really enjoyed the technique of colouring with the pencils.  There are detailed instruction of the technique in the Pencil Magic book by Marie Browning.

Bye for now, thanks for stopping by. You can get more inspiration from the rest of the team by visiting the Woodware blog


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