Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Finally I think I've sorted my camera out and can start to put pictures on to my blog.  So here goes.......Today I have sent off my samples to Dreamweaver to apply for a Dream Team position.  One of the pieces had to be dimensional, after racking my brain I came up with idea of making a bonbon box and decorating the outside of the box with stenciled images coloured using the Scrie technique.

The stencil image is embossed using either the traditional light box or one of the many embossing/die cutting machines, and then the colour is applied with a stencil brush being stroked across the embossed design.  The ink catches on the raised image and gives the colour effects. I must admit that I enjoyed this technique as it easy and the effect can be as delicate or as strong  as you want it to be.

The stencil I used for this item was Dreamweaver LL543 and the ink pad used was the Splendour Colour 'Circus'.

Hope you like the idea.

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  1. Lovely project Gill, I like the Strie method of colouring and it works really well here.