Thursday, 23 June 2016

Floral Free for All Day 4

This time of year flowers are everywhere.  They have so much brightness that is so pleasing.  This week I have combined a country photograph (Near Litton Falls, Skipton) with punched flowers.  The fold of this card can be either down the spine or the top  of the card.

So here is my card for this week .

This is what I used:-

Base card A4 folded in half
Piece of pastel patterned paper for the matt inside the card
Black Micron pen
Very pale pastel patterned paper for the cherry blossom
Silver and gold adhesive stones
Small cherry blossom punch
Leonie Em assorted leaf punch
Distress ink pad
London fog Momento ink pad
Woodware white paper flower
Liquid pearls
Dutch Doobadoo Butterflies
Kaliedascope Embossing Powder

This is how I did the card

1  Take the A4 sheet of card and fold in half to make base card.  In the front of the card cut an aperture slightly smaller than the photograph  to the right hand side.  The size of the aperture depends on your photo.

2  Using the cherry blossom punch punch numerous flowers, I punched approximately 31 . flowers.  Using a pokey tool shape the petals on the flowers.  I placed the pokey tool down the centre of each petal and nip the petal between your thumb and first finger.

3 In the centre of each flower I placed an adhesive stone in the centre of each flower in both gold  and silver.  As an alternative you could use liquid pearls, stickles glitter glue, flower soft and similar things.

4  Around the edge of the card draw a couple of lines - freehand.  The lines should wiggle so that the intertwine.

Do the same around the outer edge as well.

5  Cut a  matt for the inside of the card this should be 5mm smaller on 3 sides of this card. and once in place, place the photo in the correct position and attach to card.

6 Take the flowers and place them so that they flow from the top left hand to the right bottom. The amount can be as many or as few as you as you want, my card had 31 cherry blossom.  These are attached to the card using a PVA glue


Top left hand corner                                                                      Bottom right hand corner

I kept the bottom left hand corner empty so that the sentiment could be placed there.

7  Using the Leonie Em assorted leaf punch punch the leaves out 3 or 4 times.  I used a green patterned  paper.  With this punch a thinner weight of paper is better for punching. Tuck these  amongst the flowers, attach these again with PVA glue.

8 With the Butterflies I used one of the large butterfly and 2 of the smallest butterfly.  I first of all coloured the butterflies with a distress ink and then after the butterflies were dry I covered them with a versamark ink pad and then covered this with Kaliedascope Embossing powder, heated it with a heat gun.  I attached the butterflies to the flowers and leaves, the large butterfly I placed in the flowers in the top corner and one of the smaller ones on a leaf in the bottom corner.

9  For the sentiment I used a  set of clear magic stamps and combined the just for you and with love, These were stamped in Momento London fog on to white card, .  This was then matted onto a matt of the same paper as the inside of the card.  Around the edge of the white card I did the 2 wiggle lines in black micron pen (the same as base card.

The final stage was to use a Woodware white paper flower and the colour was applied by just dabbing the distress ink pad and then sprinkled with water.  To speed the process I dried this flower with a heat gun.  I attached the third butterfly to this flower using  liquid pearls.

There you have this weeks card  I hope you like it. 

Thanks for stopping by, for more ideas and inspiration check out the  Woodware blog.


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