Friday, 17 June 2016

Raining Cats and Dogs Day 5

Most people have a favourite pet be it a Cat, Dog or any other animal.  They can be protective, firm friends loyal and have their own minds.  Years ago my pet was a poodle, he protected not only the family but property and car.  Today I have gone for the cat side of the title, and a bit of poetic licence with the rain as my backing strip is raining with hearts, and with using the  Stentangle technique I have only used cream black and gold.

So here is this weeks card

and this is what I used

6'' x 6'' Blank cream linen card
Strip of black paper with 'raining' hearts
Cat Stencil LL3020
Black card
Cream hammered paper
Double sided tape
Gold liquid pearls
Corner rounder punch
Black micron pigma pen 0.3

This is how I made the card:-

1  Take the piece of black card and cut a square of the this and also a rectangle the size of the cat stencil, use the corner rounder on all corners of the 2 black matts.

2 Take the cream hammer paper and cut 2 pieces the same size, my pieces were approx. 5mm larger than the rectangle of black card.

3  Around the 2 hammer matts use the 0.3 Black micron pigma pen and do faux stitching round the edges.

4  Cut a strip of the black and gold heart paper approx. 2.5cm wide.

5  Take one of the cream faux stitched matts and place the stencil on the centre of the paper to stop the stencil moving whilst the design is drawn use a small piece of low tack tape.  The Black pigma micron pen is used to draw the design through the stencil

6  Each of the shapes drawn is then decorated with doodles whatever you want dots, squares, lines flowers. 

7  The various matts and layers are then attached to the  base card and finally the liquid pearls are applied in the different corners.

There you have this weeks card, I hope you like it. 

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